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Recent Studies on Psilocybin

Recent Studies on Psilocybin

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As we know there are two sides to everything. Macrodosing where hallucinations and extreme highs can occur are just one aspect of Psilocybin. This normally happens when the drug is taken for that specific purpose. Microdosing is the other side of use cases with Psilocybin which is a balanced dose assisting in promoting better brain function, cognition, mood and psychomotor abilities.

As Dr. Walsh told Neuroscience News, “Our findings of improved mood and reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress add to the growing conversation about the therapeutic potential of microdosing.”

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The perfect balance of Psilocybin can be beneficial for increasing your daily mood. It's not a high, it's a carefully balanced remedy that triggers the mind just enough to counteract the lows.

"Among microdosers who expressed mental health concerns, scores for depression, anxiety and stress dropped after 30 days; microdosers also exhibited greater increase in positive mood and larger decrease in negative mood at the 30 day mark, over those who were not microdosing".

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